My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 37

Darcy Lewis


Kat Dennings

She’s very much the voice of the audience, as a intelligent, quick witted and fast acting woman who is unafraid to show her attraction to Thor. I can see why there are so many more different fan fictions featuring Darcy, than Jane, because there’s more warmth to her. Possibly because Dennings’ is the human contingent’s comic relief, given many one liners across the two movies.

She sees things in a different way than the two scientists, a more casual way of life, thinking about music and taking photos for facebook, clip uploaded by Nico Priest but spots things that Jane and Selvig both miss, such as Thor being in the eye of the storm.

Possibly one of the most endearing moments happens in a cut scene, during the finale of the first movie when Loki has sent the destroyer to earth, as seen in this clip uploaded by FilmIsNow Movie Bloopers & Extras, it’s a admirable thing, having Darcy thinking about a dog, rather than getting herself to safety, but I can see why it was cut.

She’s even stronger a character in the second movie, than the first, but doesn’t lose any of her humour, such as in the scene in the restaurant with Jane and her date, clip uploaded by Marvel Australia. I would really like to see how she will have progressed in the third movie, but hope that she’s still as funny as she was originally.

 Fan trailers

Darcy/Steve Rodgers trailer uploaded by puffabilly

Fan videos

Background song: That’s not my name by Ting Tings uploaded by Trille Always

Background song: Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys uploaded by TheLastGhostGirl

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