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Urban Legend

Starring Alicia Witt, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid, Jared Leto, Rebecca Gayheart, and Michael Rosenbaum

This horror movie revolves around a group of college students, who are being targeted by a killer in a parka who uses urban legends to kill. Stories like the man with a axe in the backseat, and the dog who is dried in the microwave, are included.

Witt’s Natalie is the hero of the story, it’s her that we really follow, as she tries to solve who is responsible both for the deaths of her friends, and the mystery of what happened on the campus in 1973, when students were murdered. She’s a reasonably likeable character, and I did feel pity for her, when her high school friend dies at the beginning of the movie.

It’s a reasonable film, albeit one with generic characters. I mean Witt’s the quiet girl with the dark past. Rosenbaum’s Parker Riley is the party animal. Jackson’s character Damon Brooks is the joker. Leto’s the earnest reporter Paul Gardner. Tara Reid plays the sexually confident radio host Sasha. Rebecca Gayheart’s Brenda is Natalie’s best friend with a crush on Paul. There’s also Danielle Harris’ Tosh, Natalie’s goth roommate, among the college aged characters.

I think the idea of having a killer using urban legends to exact revenge, was kind of a good idea in theory, but wasn’t great in reality, especially the idea to have them wear a parka as their disguise for the majority of the film.

There were a few humorous moments, especially when Damon pretends that his stomach is going to explode from eating popping candy mixed with coke. There are some gross moments, particularly bad for me was the dog in the microwave.

It’s not the best horror movie I’ve seen but it’s not the worst either, it’s just a bit non descript really.

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