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Starring Chris Hemsworth, Jaimie Alexander, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, Kat Dennings, Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo,  Tadanobu Asano,  Joshua Dallas, Ray Stevenson and Idris Elba

The basic plot of this movie, for people unfamiliar with it, is that Thor, Odin’s son is a little arrogant, and reacts on his instinct after Ice Giants invade his family’s home during his coronation. He convinces his four closest friends Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, as well as his brother Loki to accompany him to the Ice Giants’ home to demand answers, despite his father’s command not to do so. Things go about as well as you can expect, and Thor ends up being banished to earth, stripped of his powers by his father, as punishment until he can be judged worthy. The rest of the story is about his attempts to become humble, and interact with three humans, Jane, Darcy and their mentor Erik Solvig, that he literally bumps into in a small Mexican town, and return home.

I really enjoy this movie, it’s a light hearted and decent superhero film, and Chris Hemsworth makes a most appealing leading man. Not only because of his evident physical appeal, but he has a decent amount of charisma, and is endearing rather than being irritating in the early scenes, especially when interacting with Alexander, Asano, Stevenson and Dallas.

However Hiddleston is the standout, infusing Loki with enough humanity, that I genuinely felt a little sorry for him, during the early scenes, and couldn’t quite shake that, despite the things that Loki does later in the film, clip uploaded by gemblengoon.

The action scenes are exciting, and Alexander is particularly adept, more than holding her own, as seen in this clip from the Ice Giant battle clip uploaded by andre mcbean.

I liked Darcy the most out of the three humans that Thor encounters, finding her to be the most interesting, and there was something enormously endearing about her. Dennings’ was very funny throughout, and seemed to be the most relatable, as she openly lusted after Thor. I found myself to almost feel a little sorry for her, when the other two were a little dismissive of her abilities, because she wasn’t a scientist like themselves. She made me laugh from this moment, clip uploaded by Ricky B.

It’s only in the scenes between Hemsworth and Portman alone, that I didn’t enjoy quite so much, as although they are evidently both very physically attractive people, and good actors, I didn’t feel that much chemistry between them. They’re a nice couple, but for me, Thor and Lady Sif were more interesting.

If you’re looking for a superhero movie with well choreographed action scenes, and a funny anti hero (Hiddleston), as well as a charismatic leading man (Hemsworth), and a talented physical performer (Alexander) then I don’t think that there’s many better.

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