My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 35

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Shawn Michaels aka HBK


Michael Shawn Hickenbottom

HBK is funny in his own right, even away from DX, and I could see why he was held in such esteem by the WWE universe, clip of his farewell uploaded by TheWWEUploaderHQ. The fact that the Undertaker also paid him respect despite the fact of their last match, being the reason that HBK retired. I thought that the speech that Levenson (Triple H) gave was touching too, showing that regardless of the times that they had been made by the storylines to battle each other, he cared a good deal for his friend.

The speech about Hickenbottom that Levenson gave at the 2011 Hall of Fame, detailed all the things that most people, myself included liked most about HBK, uploaded by Jet Almighty.

I loved how physical he could be with the comedy, like in this clip of DX talking about McMahon’s plane, uploaded by Guhan Shanmugam. But the majority of the comedy came when he and Triple H were trying to annoy McMahon, clip of them on top of WWE Federation building, uploaded by NIC ROOD.

It didn’t seem to matter how many times he returned after his retirement, he still received a very excited and warm welcome, shown in this clip, Raw: Shawn Michaels returns to Raw posted by WWE

I could see why, because his sheer determination, and inner strength was shown most clearly in this clip from the end of his final match with The Undertaker, posted by WWE. It’s impossible to not admire someone with that kind of indomitable spirit.

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