My BrOTPs (in no particular order) number 7

Legolas and Gimli

Lord of the Rings

Orlando Bloom and John Rhys Davies

 This pairing, of the reserved elf Legolas and the grumpy dwarf Gimli were Middle earth’s version of the odd couple throughout the three Lord of the Rings movies. In some ways the progression of their friendship parallels that of a couple in a romantic comedy, as they are put together because of the Fellowship. It’s not their choice to be travelling together, and elves don’t really like dwarves as a general rule, but over the three movies the pair learn to get along, and by the end of the third movie have become close friends.Uploaded by Angie, a conversation before the final battle scene.

 Their differences provide some of the humourous scenes, such as this one uploaded by Miguel Ressurreição, involving a drinking game, which in some ways reminds me of Castiel in Supernatural’s inability to get drunk in episode 5.10.

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