Musing number 5

Not had the best day today. I was part of a writing group at Heysham Library for a few years, before it finished late last year, and one of the members, a very friendly and funny man passed away this week. His funeral service was today, and minutes before I was going to attend, instead of inquiring about it, I was blasted with several questions, and orders regarding a spare key.

Admittedly I had been dragging my feet over getting it cut, because I was concentrating on other things, such as managing the website, of another former member of the Heysham Library group, but still there could have been a better time to discuss it, than five minutes before a funeral service?

The funeral service was moving, and the officiant clearly had talked to his family in detail, relating several of their memories, and telling us about parts of his life that I didn’t have any knowledge of. It was particularly sweet, that the priest, instead of ignoring the fact that a baby, was distressed and crying at the rear of the church, he spoke about the child having a good deal of life, and spirit. I have to confess that I was moved to the edge of tears, particularly at the end, as his coffin was escorted out to the sound of My Way.

It didn’t improve really when I returned, as due to the hearing loss of one parent, my greeting was lost to him, and he reacted aggressively. It’s always a surprise to me, as he seems to want respect, and to be treated a certain way which is fair enough, but he doesn’t treat others in the same way. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve received either little or no acknowledgement from him, if someone else is in the same room.


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