My Fave Reality TV Stars (in no particular order) number 6


Leon and June


How can you not love watching Leon and June? Any viewer of Gogglebox will be familiar with the pair, as they have been part of the show since it started, and come out with some hilarious lines, but are clearly very insightful too. Leon might be less reserved, in his comments, however he quite often says things that others are thinking, but would be too polite to say on national television. He’s funny, when he’s always rummaging in the kitchen for things, and I particularly remember one occasion, when he was looking for the remote. He thought that June had moved it, and then discovered for some reason he’d left it in the toilet.

There are parts of their interactions which sort of remind me of my parents, especially when June rolls her eyes, at one of Leon’s comments. Their very normality is what is so memorable about them, if that makes sense, they probably remind others of older people in their lives too.

Daily Mail interview with the pair

Leon discussing David Cameron posted by Ashley Penny

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