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Felicity and Donna Smoak


Emily Bett Rickards and Charlotte Ross

I love this pairing, and have done since Ross’ first appearance. They’re definitely the sweetest mother daughter relationship on Arrow, helped in no small degree by the fact that that Bett Rickards and Ross clearly, well judging by the behind the scenes photos I’ve seen of the pair, seem to get along very well.

It’s been great to see another side of Felicity, as for the first two years we knew less than nothing about her family background, well aside from a brief mention in season 2, that her dad had left her and her mum. Donna is just lovable, and so funny, from the first introduction. Donna’s first appearance

The first meeting between Oliver and Donna, at Verdant, was funny too, Oliver’s surprise at meeting Felicity’s mother less obvious than Ray’s had been. Donna meets the rest of Team Arrow, clip posted by Olicity Queen, and I liked the fact that Diggle asked Donna to look after baby Sara. Yes I know that there wasn’t much choice, given the fact that Oliver didn’t want Sara in the lair, and the nanny wasn’t available, but it still was a nice beat in the script, and gave us a little more insight into Donna.

It was a brilliantly acted scene between the two of them in Palmer Tech, quite realistic that they would react in such a way, given how much pressure Felicity was under. Donna obviously was not aware of it, Donna and Felicity at Palmer Tech and just divulged all that she had been carrying around with her, since Felicity was a small girl. The expression on Ross’s face towards the end of the scene, if you watched that, and didn’t feel any sympathy for Donna, you must have a hard heart.

The external differences, and the fact that Donna doesn’t understand technical computer things, didn’t matter so much when Donna shows that the iron will Felicity possesses is most definitely inherited from her. She doesn’t waver, in the speech to Cooper when he has the gun pointed at her daughter’s head. Felicity saves herself and Donna

The conversation that the two have in the wake of Oliver and Felicity’s disagreement, is one of the, if not the, most heart warming conversation between a mother and daughter on this show. Although Moira and Thea did have a sweet interaction about Roy, while Moira was still in prison. Donna and Felicity talk about Oliver

I loved Donna’s reaction to finding the engagement ring, although I think my eardrums were nearly damaged by the pitch of Ross’s scream, Donna finds the engagement ring. Her reaction to the actual proposal was also so sweet. I think it’s been really nice to see a mother-daughter pairing that interact regularly, and don’t have any real secrets. I mean Laurel and Sara’s mum was more focused, understandably on getting Sara back, on her introduction, and obviously although Moira loved both of her children intensely, she wasn’t exactly the most up front of women.

Fan videos for the pair

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