My Fave Reality Television stars (in no particular order) number 5

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Millie Medley 

Hell’s Kitchen 14

Milly stood out to me, straightaway, I mean physically he’s a big bloke, and the long beard also was distinctive. He was funny, during his first interaction with Ramsay, dubbing himself ‘Milly from Philly’.

He was one of the most passionate chefs I’ve ever watched in any of the series, crying on one occasion, when Gordon Ramsay asked him about how he started his passion for food. He also seemed like one of the nicer members of the blue team during that year. It was clear that he had a strong work ethnic, and had managed to overcome certain things in the course of his life, mentioning that he had come from a less than affluent home, during his exit interview, but whatever has happened in the course of his life, clearly hasn’t soured his disposition all that much.

There was a flare up between him and Brendan, who had seemingly had more opportunities, but wasn’t as able in executing Ramsay’s recipes as Milly was, but the vast majority of the footage, showed Milly to be a even tempered person when interacting with the rest of the contestants.

Brief Interview with Milly posted by alexis baxter

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