Flash Fiction 5


Sunlight poured through the thick glass of the living room window, sparkling on the faces of the two figures inside the room. Grunts filled the air, echoing off the red painted walls. Kate Brown set her feet more solidly against the floor, steadying herself before renewing her attack. A loving smile quirked her husband Sebastien’s mouth, as he watched her move. He caught her hand, pushing her blow away with his own fist. “You’re not trying.” He couldn’t hide his disappointment “Stop holding back,”

“I will if you do,” a cheeky smile spread over her face. In silent assent their battle grew more intense, blows traded with greater speed and power. She gasped as he hit her full pelt in the face but soon recovered, kicking him in backwards several feet. He smacked into the couch which had been pushed right against the wall, falling face first into the cushions. “Oh god!” she was filled with a mix of pride and embarrassment that she had done that to him, and rushed over to help him up, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he sounded a little unsure as he touched his stomach, surprised at how strong she had become over the years that they had been seperated. “Let’s can the rest of the workout though. I could use a burger,”

“Okay,” she stretched out one hand, helping him to his feet. “Let’s go princess,” she slung one arm around his waist as they left the house.

He couldn’t help but smile at the nickname, his hand coming to rest against her hip, thumb strumming against the strip of bare skin revealed by the low waistband of her shorts. He could feel the slickness streaking the golden bronzed skin, and was relieved and a little bit proud that he had managed to make her exert enough energy to break a sweat.

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