First Kiss


Cara lifts her chin to the sky, enjoying the warmth of the early morning sunlight as it caresses her face. She is so distracted by the feeling of the gold light seeping into her already tanned skin, that she doesn’t hear the footsteps behind her.

Her distraction allows Jack to get a good look, drinking in the image of his roommate, in a way that he’s not often able to. He still can’t quite believe that someone as beautiful as that might actually be interested in him, despite the fact that his friends have been trying to convince him otherwise for the past few months.

It’s the sound of his voice, which breaks her out of her reverie “You’re a proper little sun worshipper aren’t you?” Twirling around to face him, her bare feet slip against the dew soaked grass, and she loses her balance, falling forward into his arms.

The impact of her hand landing on his chest, shocks Jack, but there’s something, something he’s never recognised before in her eyes, and it gives him the courage to act.

Before she can pull away, the beginnings of a stuttered apology on her tongue, she feels his lips crashing into hers.


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