Snippet from Champions of Light

I am publishing a multi chapter story on This is the opening section of the first one, hopefully people will like it, and check it out.


Amy DiVita stepped from the heat of the Pink Zebra into the cooling night air, smiling as she spotted Richard Kingsley. “Hey Rick! You didn’t need to wait out here for me,” she kissed him in greeting.

“I didn’t want to brave Michael’s cooking again,” he smirked.

“He’s improving. One customer asked for seconds last week,” Richard’s response was cut off by the sounds of a fight coming from the alley.

She automatically headed in that direction, only for Richard to grab her sleeve, pulling her back. “Don’t be stupid Ames! Anything could be happening in there! He snapped worriedly.

“Somebody might be hurt. Call the police and an ambulance.” She stole his lighter “I’ll be okay,” Amy smiled before ducking into the alley; she flicked the wheel of the lighter, giving herself some light. The weak light darted across the red brick buildings, and then ghosted over the two struggling figures. She watched in horror, as the man still standing raised a knife to stab the man on the ground “Leave him alone!” she cried out without thinking. The knife wielding man hissed, his yellow tinted eyes shining with malice. She pressed the button on her rape alarm, as he started to walk towards her. The shrill noise reverberated off the surrounding buildings and scared him. He vanished into the night.

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