My fave characters (in no particular order) number 6

Jemma Simmons

Agents of Shield

I liked the soft banter between Simmons and Fitz, finding the clearly incredibly intelligent woman a nice complement to Skye’s technical wizardry, and May’s evident remarkable physical abilities.

It wasn’t until the episode when she gets infected by the alien sickness, and jumps out of the plane, that I realised just how much I had come to like the character.

She’s admirable because she evidently cares a good deal for her team mates, and has more courage than I think I would have in a similar situation. I would hope that I would have the level headed compassion, and selflessness to do such a thing, but I doubt that I would have been able to think so clearly.

There are so many comedic situations arising from her inability to tell a lie, and I love the bond that slowly builds between her and Skye. The two characters acknowledge their many differences, but still maintain a tight friendship. It’s realistic, as you’re obviously not going to have exactly the same point of view with each of your friends, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not important to you.




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