Review of Revenge wears Prada: the Devil returns

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Lauren Weisberger

This is the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada, and I picked it up expecting that Weisberger would deliver the same level of wit and heart as she did in the first book. I had loved Andy in the Devil wears Prada, but was sorely disappointed by how she was presented in the sequel.

The humour wasn’t as strong either, somehow it all seemed to be watered down. Andy was far less interesting, maybe it was because of the shift from 1st person to 3rd? There was less insight into Andy’s thought processes, obviously because we weren’t able to see through her eyes anymore.

Emily makes another appearance in the book, as does Miranda Priestly but neither really seemed to possess the same biting and caustic wit that they had in the first book. Emily and Andy are working together again, and seem to be reasonably close friends, a complete contrast to their relationship in the first book. It didn’t quite ring true to me, that they would change their perspectives of each other so radically.

I do still think Weisberger is a great writer, it’s just that the Devil Wears Prada was so well written, and Andy was so interesting and funny, that even a slight dip in her writing made me enormously disappointed.


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