Fave characters (in no particular order) number 3

Pacey Witter

Dawson’s Creek

Pacey was undoubtedly my favourite male main character in Dawson’s Creek. I loved that he was witty, rebellious and still cared deeply about all the other main characters. It also didn’t hurt the appeal, that Joshua Jackson was the one playing him, as I thought that Jackson was a very cute man.

He held a great deal more interest for me, than Dawson did. In the first season he was involved in a relationship with his teacher, Tamara and Pacey’s 1st kiss, and I felt a good deal of sympathy for him, given his family background. The writers’ dealt both Pacey and Joey a rough deal in terms of their back story, Pacey receiving a mentally and emotionally abusive father, a distant mother, and siblings who didn’t seem to care much about him either. Pacey talks to his dad

I saw straight away that there was something between he and Joey, their sarky banter and the chemistry between Holmes and Jackson making their scenes some of the most emotionally involving parts of the show. First scene between Joey, Pacey and Dawson, it was evident that Pacey’s real emotional connections were with Joey and Dawson, his two friends providing him with something that he should have been able to get from his biological family.

Still it wasn’t until season two that Pacey got a romantic relationship that could actually go somewhere. He hooked up with Andie McPhee, a endearing Type A personality, who possessed her own issues and tragic back story in the loss of a brother, and divorced parents.  Pacey and Andie’s 1st meeting

It was great to see him in a romance, see more of the protective side of him, and that he was willing to risk anything in the name of loyalty. I mean I can’t think of many teenagers who would spit in the eye of a bullying teacher, in the name of standing up for their girlfriend’s brother.

Pacey stands up for Jack

I followed his arc, and the ups and downs of the relationship between he and Joey, with great interest. Whether they were just friends, or officially in a romance, they were my OTP. I was relieved when they finally formed a romantic pair, at the tail end of season three. Pacey and Joey’s scenes in episode 3×23

I loved the journey that Pacey took through the six seasons of the show, going from a rebel without a real idea of where he wanted to be, to the owner of a cafe, who was secure enough in his feelings to go after the things that he really wanted.

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