Review of Love From Paris


Alexandra Potter

The book’s plot is fairly simple. The narrator, Ruby at the start of the novel is in a long distance relationship with Jack, waiting for him to visit. It’s revealed very quickly that Jack’s not the right man for her, and the two embark on a ‘break’. She opts to go and stay with her friend Harriet in Paris, and then discovers a old letter in a uninhabited apartment.

I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as Potter’s other work, Me and Mr Darcy. Ruby and Harriet are not very interesting, and some of their dialogue feels very old fashioned. I actually thought that Potter might have been a older woman, perhaps in her seventies or eighties.

It’s  a easy read, if predictable, and without a central character who possesses much depth.

My advice if you are going to read one of Potter’s novels, would be to go for Me and Mr Darcy, instead.

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