Authors beginning with the letter V

Simone van der vlugt

Simone Van der Vlugt

Shadow Sister

I selected this book, purely because the blurb on the back revealed the plot revolved around two very different sisters. I am including two sisters with opposing personalities and points of view within my novel, and wanted to find out how other, more experienced writers tackled such a thing.

The plot is basically follows two twins, Lydia who is a teacher, and working at a school with a husband who loves her, and Elisa who isn’t in a solid relationship, and unsure of her path in life. Lydia is threatened by one of her pupils, and then is murdered and Elisa embarks on a quest to try to discover who was responsible.

We are given the opportunity to see both sisters’ point of view, as Van der Vlugt switches between the two sisters before Lydia’s murder, and continues to reveal different aspects to their relationship after the event. I truly admire Van der Vlugt’s ability to create tension, and she takes her time in getting to the conclusion, but I never felt that it was telegraphed as can occasionally be the case in crime novels.

I have read other novels of hers since Shadow sister, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but Shadow sister still remains my favourite. It’s because of the character of Elisa, and the fact that she’s easy to relate to, faults and all.


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