Authors beginning with the letter Q


Matthew Quick

The Silver Linings Playbook

This is another offering that I received from the reading club that I attend. It seemed to be promising, even if the subject matter is heavy going, seeing as it deals with the first person point of view of a man suffering from some kind of mental illness. Pat Peoples, the lead is separated from his wife Nikki, when the novel opens, and has been living in a psychiatric hospital for a unrevealed amount of time.

I didn’t really warm to the character of Pat, which is something of a necessity for reading this book, seeing as everything is seen first person through Pat’s eyes. Although his immediate family, particularly his parents are painted as being very protective, and nurturing, I perceived them as being overly controlling, they almost cause Pat to revert to a teenager’s behaviour. There are many secrets being kept from him, and Quick, in my opinion drags the mystery of where Nikki is for far too long.

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