Authors beginning with the letter E


Chris Evans

Memoirs of a Fruitcake

I really like Chris Evans as a tv personality, and have done ever since the Big Breakfast days really. I was a regular viewer of TFI Friday the first time around, albeit one who didn’t understand some of the jokes, as I was a lot younger then.

I have to say that this autobiography didn’t disappoint me at all, as Chris Evans seems to write the same way that he presents television programmes. The energy, good humour and overall passion for life infuses the pages, and I found the sections which dealt with his and Billie Piper’s marriage to be very touching, almost heartbreaking when he detailed the conversation that the two of them had, ending their romantic relationship.

Part of me was surprised that he was that open, as I have read Billie Piper’s autobiography as well which tended to deal more with the behind the scenes of her television and film performances. Chapters deal quite frankly with his hard living lifestyle, including references to such things like taking a member of one of his film crews out on the Monday, and not returning him home to his wife for eight days.

I liked the fact that every chapter comes complete with top 10 lists, counting down such diverse things like: 1. Top 10 turns I have employed                                                                                            2. Top 10 Fab Hotels I’ve stayed in                                                                                         3. Top 10 Things people often think I am but I’m not                                                               4.  Top 10 things drinking can destroy                                                                                      5. Top 10 Great things to do with your money                                                                          6. Top 10 Turkeys I have been involved in                                                                              7. Top 10 things I’ve learned about marriage                                                                            8. Top 10 visionaries                                                                                                                9. Top 10 Dodgy decisions I have made (includes buying a Chelsea mansion because he was bored of waiting for the pub to open)                                                                           10. Top 10 Things that you learn to accept as you grow older.

Each of them gave a insight into parts of Evans’ past that I was unaware of, as I have never really followed all the celebrity stories that can fill tabloid papers. The pub crawl that he had  with Tara Reid, and the encounters that he and Piper had with Courteney Cox, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were the two that particularly made me laugh in a book packed with amusing tales.

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