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keith decandido

Keith DeCandido


I genuinely enjoyed this book, but that might not be wholly due to the skill of the writer. It’s a book based in the Supernatural universe, which revolves around the exploits of Dean and Sam Winchester, two American brothers, who were raised by their father to hunt demons, vampires and other fantastical beings, after their mother died in a supernaturally created fire when Sam was still a baby.

I was a avid viewer of the show between the pilot and the fifth season finale, and particularly enjoyed season two, which first introduced two female hunters, Jo and Ellen Harvelle, who would recur quite often throughout the series, during the next three seasons.

I was disappointed when Jo and Ellen didn’t appear much in Nevermore, considering that the book is set in the second season. Although the nightmare that Dean has, early on in the plot, does establish that she and Ellen are both important to him. Something that is clarified during the fourth season.

I know that a lot of readers, dislike the book, because DeCandido changed the colour of both actors’ eyes, but I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed what colour eyes the actors have. When watching the show I was more focused on the action, and the interplay between the characters, not studying the two male leads’ faces to that extent. I don’t think I could tell with any certainty the colour of any actor’s eyes, even those that I truly admired like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Audrey Hepburn, Heath Ledger and Emily Bett Rickards.

Nevermore is a fun read, with a lot of detail involving New York. It’s a easy and quick read, populated with good characters, and uses the show’s dynamic of the two brothers well. Although some of the exposition wasn’t necessary, as most of the readers would have already been familiar with the back story, as viewers of the show. I can’t imagine that many people ignorant of the television show would choose to pick the book up of their own accord.

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