Musing number 4

Why do some people seem to think that they have to talk for you? It’s a frustrating habit that I’m becoming more and more conscious of. People in my life seem to think that just because I have not reached the situation that is considered socially acceptable that I do not possess the capacity to utter my own thoughts, or divulge what has happened to me for myself. Is it just me being hyper sensitive? No even if it is, I still have the right to speak for myself.

I might have made a fairly major hash of my life up until this point, obviously nobody really chooses to still be living in their parents’ home by my age, unless they have a slightly disconcerting over attachment to their parents. That still doesn’t mean that people have the right to talk down to me, or force their own opinions on me, as though I am still not mature enough to lead my own life.

How do you express that, without being rude or acting like the child that you were? It’s yet another thing that I will have to master quickly.

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