Problem Number 2

I’m in two minds, do I go all in and book the trip that I’ve wanted to go on, all my life? Blow all the rest of the inheritance on going to Rome, and not care that I might not be able to do all that I want to while I’m there, or do some smaller trips and keep saving money for the Rome trip? Delayed gratification has never really been my strong point, I’m not a saver, I’m more the see something I want and have to have it in that moment.

Maybe it’s time that I finally become a standard ‘responsible adult’. It’s become very obvious that everyone in my life, can claim to be far closer to being a responsible and productive adult, than I can, and fulfil the stereotype of where a person should be at my time of life far better.

It’s definitely something that I need to achieve, sooner rather than later. Things are becoming rather tense, and I know for my own peace of mind I can’t keep living this way. I feel…it’s not a healthy place to be, for either me or the parents.

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