Each day when I see what Donald Trump has done and said in the press all I really feel is confusion. I know that certain Americans voted for him because they thought that he would do more for their personal agendas, and improve their lives but how can they really believe in a man who seems to live in his own fantasy world? He has shown the worst of himself in the face of the shooting in Florida, not that there wasn’t a lot to point to, as being negative qualities and actions. I don’t have a great opinion of the woman leading my own country’s government, but at least she is attempting to make the country better, despite her own personal shortcomings. Donald Trump seems to possess no empathy with others, and is like a child in his reactions, whenever anyone disagrees with him or criticises him for the negative things that he does.

The fact that he as a man who deferred his military service during the Vietnam war five times, under the guise of having bone spurs, whatever they might be is now claiming that he would have had the courage to run into a school where a gunman is shooting a assault rifle is ridiculous. If he didn’t have the ability to face a war zone when he was arguably more physically able, and would have gone through intensive training, then there is no chance that he would have had the nerve to run into such a situation as the Stoneman High students faced two weeks ago.

He has acknowledged himself, in a recorded interview for radio from 2008, that he is not very good at dealing with people who have been injured. The example he gave was that of a elderly man who had fallen onto a marble floor when Trump had been at a event, and the man had injured himself quite severely. Trump said himself that he found himself turning away, and thought that it was ‘disgusting’. If he was unable to deal with a single injury, how on earth would have he been able to deal with seeing seventeen people who had received fatal gunshot wounds, to say nothing of the other victims at Stoneman high?

It is not only that which confuses me though, I am confused about how a man who has lived in the world, and must have interacted with dozens if not hundreds of different people over the course of seventy years cannot make it through a conversation with grieving parents and children without having a reminder to say ‘I hear you’.

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