Snippet from the Outsider

“Will you marry me?” the words tumbled from my lips without thought as I followed the trail of melted gold light which speckled Nicholas’s features, while we sat out on the porch swing. He let out a laugh which spoke volumes of his surprise, turning to face me.

“What did you say?”

I did not want to retract the question, despite the embarrassment I felt at being the first to broach the subject. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes that is what I thought that you said,” he rubbed one hand over his unshaven jaw, a hint of uncertainty appearing in the normally very confident depths of his eyes. “I think you have had too much to drink,” he picked up the three empty bourbon bottles that sat on the floor, and was about to move towards the front door.

I laid one hand over his wrist as he came past me, stopping his movement. I knew that if I did not say it in that moment that I would most likely lose the courage. “I meant it. I want to be your wife…” I paused, scanning his face for a hint that he felt the same way. I knew that he loved me, but that was a very different thing to wanting to spend his life with me. “If you want to be my husband,”


Copyright Emily Morris 2018



This is a snippet revolving around the further adventures of Aella Tharte. I created her for the Guardians of Time book. If you enjoyed this then please check out

Guardians of Time: Kids in America: Volume 1 at Amazon

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