Authors beginning with the letter R

Nora Roberts

The Liar


Shelby Pomeroy’s husband Richard dies unexpectedly, devastating her. However it soon becomes clear that she didn’t really know him at all. He leaves her in a considerable amount of debt, and she decides to return to her family home. Unfortunately not everyone is happy to see her come back, and things quickly spiral beyond her control.


Roberts creates a mix of quick moving thriller, and romance folded with quite a few scenes of happy family life. I don’t know how accurate the picture of life in the Southern state of Tennessee is, as I have no first hand knowledge of that part of the USA, however it is full of vibrant descriptions.

The relationship that unfolds between Griffin Lott, and Shelby when she returns to Tennessee, is reasonably believable, and the connection that Roberts establishes between Griffin and Shelby’s daughter is a very sweet one.






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