Waiting for love

“I will wait for you as long as it takes.” I confess quietly, as I step out onto the balcony.

“Really?” she keeps hold of the balcony rail as she turns to face me, the sunlight bringing out the gold in her thick chestnut hair as well as the gold flecks in her eyes.

“You are definitely worth waiting for,” I take hold of her hand, drawing her into my body. “You always have been. And besides the longest I’ll have to wait is about four months, for the end of the training period right?”


“When it’s over then you and I are going to explore exactly what is between us, without the pressure of dealing with other people’s opinions,”

“Where will we go?” she asks, her arms wrapping around my waist and looking up at me with a soft smile.

“I think we should try living in Paphos.” The small smile on her lips widens into a beaming grin at my words, as I knew that it would do. She has so often said that she thinks of Paphos as one of the best places on earth.



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