This piece is designed to be a inner perspective from the lead character I created for my first fiction book Guardians of Time: Kids in America. She’s called Aella Tharte and is supposed to be the ‘real’ person that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love was based on. 


Everybody stands by to let me pass, but it’s not because of anything that I’ve done. It’s because of something that I didn’t want or ask for. It’s lonely being the one that everyone desires. I know that sounds stupid but I never really know if people are interested in me because of who I am, and my characteristics or if it’s my gift bringing them close. Each time I have tried to explore in their thoughts, it ends up with me getting swamped by the thoughts of everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Massimo takes hold of my hand, the enormous callused fist causing the stream of consciousness to stop flowing. But more than that, it stops the influx of everyone else’s thoughts and emotions. It goes quiet inside my head for the first time in many centuries.

Copyright Emily Morris 2017


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