Authors beginning with the letter L

Copy Cat

Alex Lake



Sarah Haveant is contacted by a old school friend Rachel via Facebook, who is moving back to their hometown, and wants to meet up. However her friend is confused about which Facebook profile is really Sarah’s, letting Sarah know that someone has set up a fake profile in her name complete with family photos, some of which were taken inside her house and very recently as well.

Lake creates a good deal of tension, and kept me guessing about what is really happening for the majority of the novel. Sarah is not only confronted by a fake facebook profile, but someone is sending emails in her name to her friends, via a alternate address. They send a email to the person taking care of her children, claiming that she is sending a ‘uncle’ to pick them up so that she can get to her ill father, when her father has been dead for years.

Sarah becomes suspicious of Rachel when she discovers that Rachel married one of her former boyfriends Matt Landay, who was possessive during their relationship. Sarah’s husband doesn’t do much to ease her suspicions, as he turns to Rachel for advice, about Sarah’s mental state, asking Rachel because she’s a therapist by profession. The marriage suffers a further blow when Sarah’s adultery comes to light.

Lake uses the revelation of Sarah’s adultery to start a new section of the book, as the family decide to go to visit Ben’s mother and father in England. Sarah has a brief sense of hope that things might go back to normal, but the tension is racheted up again when her tormentor arrives in London too.

Lake’s descriptive style allows her to create graphic scenes, especially in the final part of the novel when the tormentor is revealed and takes their final revenge on Sarah. Lake feeds the perspective of the tormentor through the novel, giving hints about who is behind it all.

The novel ends on a cliff hanger, and I would be very interested to see if Lake will pick up this story at some point in the future.


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