My Fave Reality Stars (in no particular order) number 12

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Camilla Thurlow

Love Island

I’ve never watched a full episode of Love Island before this year,  but have become hooked and that’s in large part to Camilla being part of 2017’s cast.  Her composure and grace at dealing with the disappointment of Jonny choosing to pursue Tyla instead of her, was remarkable. She never seems to have a bad word to say about any of her fellow islanders, Licence to swill and admittedly is reserved, and quiet but that makes her even more unique and intriguing in comparison with the other girls. Meet Camilla

In a mass of extroverted people, who are very open about their sex lives, it’s very refreshing that she hasn’t tried to put on a front, and change herself to fit in with them. She seems to be a sweet, and intelligent girl, who just wants to find someone that will respect her and like her for who she is. She isn’t afraid to state her opinion, especially when it comes to the world being unfair, Jonny and Camilla Clash | Love Island, having a relatively heated discussion with Jonny about equality for women.

She seems to have developed real friendships with Montana, and Marcel as well. The interaction between the three of them is supportive, funny and sweet the vast majority of the time. Marcel describes her as ‘his longest standing best friend in the villa’, and the two do seem to have similar reflective personalities, in that they will think about others a good deal of the time. He gives her a lot of advice, particularly during the weeks she spent with Jonny, Camilla Needs Advice | Love Island. 

I have been glad to see that there is a blossoming romance between her and Jamie, Jamie serves up birthday brekkie Love Island, the confidence that she’s gaining from having someone genuine returning her attraction seems to be bringing out more of her relaxed and fun side. Camilla and Jamie do Dirty Dancing move. It’s nice to see her interacting with someone with similar interests to her, who has read a lot of the same books Jamie and Camilla visit Hideaway.






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