Researching Family History

I know I’ve been remiss in updating this blog for quite a long time, but there’s been a lot going on. I started a freelance writing business, and I’ve been working hard on researching my family tree, over the last few months. My uncle on my mother’s side has already done quite a large chunk of it, tracing that branch all the way back to the 1790’s, but I’ve been able to track different ‘twigs’, even further back.

It’s been fascinating really, discovering that my mother’s side has connections, albeit distant with people who worked for royalty, those who went into the workhouse more than once, as well as Germans, Australians, Americans, and Mexicans amongst other nationalities.

It’s been difficult trying to find certain ancestors, as records can be spotty sometimes. One in particular which is still elusive is my fourth great grandfather, I know that he was called Edward Harrison and that he was a musician but that’s all that I’ve been able to find out. His birth and death dates, who his parents were, and if he had any siblings. Even with the assistance of a expert on, there haven’t been any details about his life.

However I have uncovered a number of different connections, finding out that my mother’s family has Scottish, French, English segments, as well as the nationalities mentioned before, and have become fascinated with finding out more about my roots.

So far I’ve uncovered 4640 people in the family history, and gone back to my seventeen times great grandfather Sir Tobert Townley. It was a little exciting to find that my mother’s family was connected with them, seeing as the Townleys were such a prominent family in her home town of Burnley.


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