My fave reality stars (in no particular order) number 11


Photo credited to The Boston Foodie

Rita and Lisa

Galleria 33

Kitchen Nightmares

It wasn’t hard to find these two humorous, and Rita in particular was hilarious. She seemed to have a easier time than her sister in dealing with Gordon’s criticism of the food, especially at first. They were likable from the moment that their bus boy was introduced. They evidently have a good deal of compassion, as many business owners would not keep someone like that around, given his propensity for telling tall tales, and inability to pour water properly. Although he was very endearing somehow, as well, I found him funny, and the story about why Rita had hired him back again, was so amusing.

Their reaction when Gordon returned was sweet, and something that I haven’t often seen in other restaurant owners on the show. Rita in particular seemed delighted to see him, and admitted missing the fact of having cameras in the restaurant so much that she had installed security cameras on her own.

I loved them for their eccentric sense of humour, and they both clearly had big hearts. They weren’t pushovers though, putting their foot down in the staff meeting, thanks to Gordon’s encouragement and support.

The first part of their initial show uploaded by MrShowsUploader

The second part of their initial show uploaded by MrShowsUploader

The revisit episode that they featured in  uploaded by Owan Nanke


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