Authors beginning with the letter K

Lindsay Kelk

I Heart Vegas

Synopsis: Angela is living with Alex, but receives a shock when the INS tells her that she’s in danger of losing her visa. She avoids telling Alex the truth about it, telling Jenny, and Erin, and then accepting a surprise trip to Vegas from Jenny. Alex finds out, and then comes to Vegas as part of Jenny’s ex Jeff’s entourage on his stag do.

Angela’s exactly the same as she always is, she decides to welcome Alex back from a tour of Japan, by wearing just her underwear. Unfortunately she falls asleep, and he comes back with his bandmates Graham and Craig. It’s a early comedy moment, as she falls over, damaging her leg, and tries to hide her semi nakedness from Craig.

Angela reconnects with James Jacobs’, a character who first appeared in I heart Hollywood. He’s gay, and she comes across him with another man in the toilet. I like the interplay between them, such lines as ‘Shagging in the toilets again? Was George Michael a lesson to no one?’, and James’s retort ‘I’m not ram raiding Snappy Snaps am I?’ made me laugh out loud.

It’s another book packed with comedic moments, but also has Jenny’s confusion over who she wants to be with, as well as Angela trying to figure out how to get her visa. She makes the mistake of asking Alex to marry her for the visa, which hurts and surprises him.

I’d probably give it 4 out of 5

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