My fave characters (in no particular order) number 47

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Khal Drogo

Game of Thrones

Jason Momoa

Momoa struck me from the first moment he appeared on screen, I mean his physical stature alone helped him to stand out, and I enjoyed the chemistry that he had with Emilia Clarke. I’m going to avoid the scene after their marriage from the television show, as I still don’t understand why the creators changed it from the scene in the book, which was consensual, to what they filmed.

He was the archetypal man of action, but I liked the fact that they had softer sides of Drogo, when he interacted with Daenerys, their relationship building slowly throughout the first season. His protectiveness reached it’s height during the scene in which Daenerys’ brother threatened both her life and that of their son, resulting in one of the most memorable death scenes in a show packed with on screen deaths. Clip uploaded by MarWa Jaskotel.

I loved the fight scenes, the character moving with purpose and taking the smallest amount of movements to defeat his opponents, Drogo’s fight with Mago, clip Uploaded by chaoticgreece.

It is clear that he made a impact on more people than just me, given the amount of youtube videos amongst other things that are dedicated to both Drogo and Daenerys.

Background song: Rolling in the deep, video Uploaded by SpartanG072

Video created by DemonicaB

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