Snippet (number 6)


“Stop frowning,” the sleepy murmur snaps Eddie out of his reverie and he laughs to see that his bed mate has her eyes closed against the sunlight trickling through the window.

        “How d’ya do that?”

        “I heard the sigh,” she opens one eye, a twinkle visible there behind the tiredness. “You worried about your dad?”

        “Yeah,” he finds it easy to say when she hits him with the full power of her extraordinary eyes. “Gettin’ kinda scared now, it’s never been so long without him checkin’ in,” he’s always found it easy to confide in her, somehow she makes the chick flick moments painless.

        “You wanna go after him? The car’s gassed and ready,”

        “Let’s go,” he’s reaching for his jeans, a tiny part of him surprised at her readiness to join a hunt.

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