Snippet (number 2)


Sitting in the smoky bar, his fingers betray his nervousness and anxiety as he tears a beer mat to shreds. His large eyes remain fixed on the petite redhead seated on a bar stool a few feet away. He’s only distracted when he hears a cool voice say “A little tense there mate?”

He glances up to meet a pair of amused sea blue eyes, belonging to the lead singer of the band who had performed earlier in the night. She has a lit cigarette poised between her fingers, halfway to her lips. “Just a nervous habit,” he tries to cover his embarrassment as he takes her in fully. She’s one of the hottest women he’s ever seen and he also remembers all too well how good she had been on stage.

“Oh we all have those,” she takes a puff on her cigarette, her eyes never leaving his. She can see the thoughts flashing across his brain, a mixture of lust, embarrassment and self pity.

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