Films beginning with the letter W


Warm Bodies

Starring Nicholas Hoult,

The official trailer Uploaded by Movieclips Trailers

It’s a zombie rom com. I didn’t expect to ever write those words, but it’s basically the case. The plot is that in the not so distant future, there was a infection and people became zombies. R, the hero saves the life of a human girl, and falls in love with her. She develops feelings for him too, and it’s that fact that helps R come back to the land of the living slowly.

Hoult plays R with a good deal of charm, despite the fact that R is barely able to speak. The writers use voiceovers to allow us to get to know who R is, something that was used to great effect in the novel which the film is based on.

The scene in which the pair first meet, is a action scene, but I liked the way that the scene slows down, once R sees Julie for the first time. clip uploaded by weird seven, it’s shorthand for the juxtaposition of genres which obviously exists for the majority of the film.

Teresa Palmer also is excellent as Julie, particularly in this scene, understandably confused and afraid by R, while he struggles to show more of his human side, showing her compassion, and trying to reassure her, clip uploaded by Bluelighter Tv

There’s a lot of humour, like this scene where Julie and her best friend try to get R out of the human compound clip uploaded by Thelittlegirl. Hoult’s reactions make it even more amusing, but he’s matched by both of the two women.

It’s a charming and funny ode to the power of love ultimately, showing that love is capable of renewing even the most far gone personality, clip uploaded by Swixx bat.

Some of the fan videos dedicated to the leads, and the film

Background song: Clarity created by Georgia Garrick

Background song: How to save a life created by Chris Anatolianowner

Background song: Numb created by Gochawan


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