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Singing in the Rain

This is my go to film when feeling upset or down about something. It’s like a visual good mood pill for me, and has been since the first time that I watched it. I don’t know how anyone could watch and not feel a little happier.

The basic plot, for anyone who hasn’t seen it before, is that Gene Kelly plays a famous silent movie star Don Lockwood, at the advent of sound in films, but the woman that he usually stars with Lina Lamont, isn’t exactly gifted with the nicest voice. He and his best friend Cosmo played by Donald O’Connor, assisted by Debbie Reynolds’s Kathy Selden decide to make the last film the Duelling Cavalier into a musical. However Lina’s not a good singer either, so Kathy dubs her voice for her.

The title musical number, is so famous that I bet that even people who have never seen the film, will have heard it, or seen one of the many parodies, like the Morecambe and Wise version, but the original is extraordinary in it’s own right. Gene Kelly showing Don’s delight, as he’s falling in love with Kathy, his movements almost like a child, as he splashes his way through puddles, Sheer happiness condensed into a four minute song.

I love the Good Morning song, as well, remembering being in awe the first time that I saw the three of them dance their way across sofas, clip uploaded by ozabbavo77. I know that they all must have practised and rehearsed it for hours, but it doesn’t seem like it because it’s so lighthearted and seemingly effortless.

Another personal favourite from the film is Make Em Laugh, Donald O’Connor’s masterpiece of physical comedy, complete with one of the best things I’ve ever seen on film, the run up the wall, something he accomplishes twice before crashing through the fake wall. Clip uploaded by ozabbavo77

It’s a funny scene between Kathy and Don, when they first meet. She’s quite dismissive of his acting career, and clearly disappoints him, clip uploaded by mellow0w.

However minutes later, she’s exposed to be working part time, and has a job at the party Don’s going to, clip uploaded by KristyLee D., it establishes two threads that run through the rest of the movie: Don’s infatuation for Kathy, and Lina’s dislike of her, both born really in the last few seconds of the scene really.

There’s a sweetness to the scenes between Kathy and Don, even when they’re bantering, but especially during the first time that they talk honestly, clip uploaded by GabiKratochvilova that extends to the entire movie, it’s just quite simply a lovely film. I probably will always love it.

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