My Fave Characters (in no particular order) number 36


Doctor Who

Georgia Moffat

I found Moffat’s portrayal of Jenny, to be endearing and interesting pretty much from the first moment that she stepped out of the machine. There was something lovely about her enthusiasm and her misunderstanding of things. Moffat held her own against Tennant, in the scene when the Doctor talk about the Time Lords, something made even more impressive considering her relative lack of formal acting experience, well there were only a handful of credits to her name on her Wikipedia page anyway.

Another very touching scene between the pair, is when Jenny has changed enough to be his true daughter, self sacrificing just like her father. It was a little bit heartbreaking, uploaded by mizzharmonieeee

But the thing that I love most about Jenny, is the scene when she shows off her physical abilities, back flipping through lasers uploaded by   BBCWorldwide. I don’t think I’ve seen a companion do such a thing.


Fan videos dedicated to Jenny

Background song Christina Aguilera’s Fighter Uploaded by HumanDancerrOx

Background song: on my father’s wings, uploaded by AnonymousCatt

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