Films beginning with the letter P

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Pretty Woman

I doubt that many people have no knowledge at all of this movie, seeing as it was in some ways the start of the nineties fascination with romantic comedies. But just in case you haven’t seen it, basic plot is that Richard Gere is a uptight executive called Edward, and he happens across Julia Roberts’ character Vivienne, a laid back prostitute while having some car trouble.

She drives him back to his hotel, and through a brief conversation with his lawyer, he invites Vivienne to spend the week with him, posing as his girlfriend for a series of business meetings. The man whose business Edward wants to take over is quite old fashioned, big on family values. Anyway Vivienne accepts, and the two fall in love over the week.

It’s chock full of funny moments, such as the first shopping scene, when Edward has asked Vivienne to get herself a dress for dinner. The sales assistant on Rodeo Drive isn’t exactly pleasant, in the clip uploaded by digitizellc. Vivienne and her roommate are quite funny together, and I liked the strength that Roberts gave the character. She might be down on her luck, but she won’t let anyone take her for granted, or demean her. It’s a great scene when she stands up to the snobby sales assistant, Uploaded by Dominik Ferenczy

Even though it’s not exactly realistic, I mean that the couple would fall in love over the course of a week, and make it work given their very different backgrounds, it’s a sweet movie, with a lot of sexual chemistry between Roberts and Gere, regardless of how attracted the two actors reportedly were to each other uploaded by MARCOS EC.

The ending has become quite iconic, and I bet some women are still, in their heart of hearts waiting for their Richard Gere to sweep them off their feet. Uploaded by Romantic Scene

In some ways it’s the film that set the blue print for all the romantic comedies that followed, seeing as there’s a couple from different financial situations, or coming at the world in different ways, they aren’t really friends at first, but then grow close over the movie, and learn to respect each other’s point of view. There’s a seperation which often in the subsequent romantic comedies is through a arguement or some kind of truth being revealed, and then a public gesture of affection at the end which solves everything.


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