My BrOTPs (in no particular order) number 6

Sara and Laurel Lance


Caity Lotz and Katie Cassidy

I think that Sara is undoubtedly the most important person in Laurel’s life. I know that some people familiar with Arrow, might think that it’s one of the men, either Tommy or Oliver that are Laurel’s most significant connection, but I don’t think so. I think that they are important to her, and her development as a character without a doubt, but Sara is the one that really counts for Laurel.

I mean look at all that Laurel was prepared to do, in order to bring her little sister back, whether you agree with those that think she was selfish, or not. It reminds me of all that the Winchesters in Supernatural keep doing for each other, each season. Yes she might have been thinking of herself, and wanting to have the pain of losing her sister to stop, but really it’s understandable that she would take such a route. Laurel brings Sara back

The emotional connection between the two sisters, whether Laurel was angry with Sara or not, was undeniable. I think that Cassidy did some of her best work when reacting to Sara’s return in season two, whether in the scene when Laurel throws Sara out of apartment, or when Laurel begs Sara not to hate her. She exposed more of Laurel’s emotions, during her scenes opposite Lotz, than viewers had seen since her reactions to Tommy’s death.

The scene when Sara falls to her death before Laurel, was utterly heartbreaking, Cassidy’s reactions made me cry, Laurel cradles her little sister, after the fall. After watching that, and Cassidy’s subsequent work, while Laurel tried to come to terms with the loss, made me empathise with the character once again.

When Sara began her run as a main part of the Legends team, it was fitting that it was Laurel’s advice that she sought. Sara had been a major reason behind why Laurel opted to become the ‘Black Canary’, and it was right that Laurel gave her sister the impetus to become the ‘White Canary’. Laurel gives Sara the White Canary costume.

Even after Laurel’s confirmed death, it’s evident that Sara still values her sister’s opinion when it comes to the major things in her life. She turns to her big sister for comfort and advice in the second season of Legends, when dealing with the issue of the spear in the finale. Sara talks to Laurel (Spear of Destiny) |DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2×17

Fan videos for the pair

Video by YellowGiraffeGal

Hey Brother-Sara and Laurel Lance created by batmaniscool 22

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Video by Michelle S

Canaries – See You Again created by Danny M

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