My OTPs (in no particular order) number 12

Jason Bourne and Marie Krentz

Bourne Movies

Matt Damon and Franka Potente

I’ve never really liked James Bond movies, I think it was in part because the women were all one note, and so when this film came out, and it was described as being the ‘New Bond’ I wasn’t all that interested. I liked Matt Damon though, so decided to give it a chance, and I’m so glad that I did. He’s nothing like Bond in my opinion.

Okay, the two characters share a profession, as they are both spies, and are white men. However Bourne is far more appealing, and interesting. Due in no small part that there’s a genuine connection with a love interest, namely Marie Kreutz, and the story line through the first three films, of Bourne trying to find his memories, kept me interested too.

It didn’t hurt that the fight in the embassy’s lobby was one of the most impressive I’d seen in a while, posted by Movieclips.

He’s intense, and brooding obviously, and Damon’s physical stature was impressively beefed up, to make him a imposing figure. It wasn’t until Bourne interacts with Marie properly, by her car when I really got involved in the movie though, I liked the character of Marie, and the side of Bourne that emerges during their ride to Paris was a nice contrast to the ultra focused man who had torn apart the embassy. clip posted by movieclips

I liked the fact that the two of them, both were lost a little bit, and helped each other recover a least a little of themselves over the first movie. Marie was accident prone, and clearly had been bouncing around from place to place. She’s relatable in that way, that she’s not quite found where she wants to be. The events of the first movie, seemed to have helped her become more comfortable in her own skin, and at the beginning of the second one, she and Jason had been living together happily in Goa, for several months.

She was the one helping Jason piece things together, and was still a guiding influence after the events of the first part of the second movie (spoiler: she is killed) clip of the scene posted by movieclips I disliked the writers’ choice, although it obviously drove Jason’s story on in a way and with a urgency that wouldn’t have necessarily happened if she had been abducted rather than killed.

She becomes another reason for him to find out what Treadstone actually is, and revenge himself on the people responsible for her death. The scene in the water, and afterwards when he burns her identification and photos were genuinely moving for me.

It was nice to see that even in the moment, of him discovering the truth behind Marie’s death, that her last words to him were still lingering in his mind. clip posted by movieclips

There are several fan videos of the pair, but these are my personal favourites

Fan video created by REALTJPRODUCTIONS

Created by satcvids

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