My OTP’s (in no particular order) number 10




Erica Durance and Tom Welling

They’re just brilliant together, from the first moment that they interact on screen. I’m a massive fan of those couples on screen which grow together, and have some interesting dialogue. I guess it’s from liking the strength in the femme fatale characters of the film noir, and the sparky banter in a lot of Katherine Hepburn’s earlier films. I like the pairing to have spark, energy and not be too sweet or ‘perfect’, there needs to be flaws in both parties.

Well the Smallville writers definitely delivered on that with Clark and Lois, especially in the first few seasons when they were barely friends. The chemistry between Durance and Welling was backed up by the snappy dialogue, and Lois’s insistence on smacking him in the arm and calling him Smallville was kind of sweet. Evolution of a punch video created by Tigerbai1

It took a long time for the writers to be able to have the two connect romantically on screen, as there were reportedly legal issues with the movie versions of the characters. However the writing and the chemistry was strong enough to inspire a very strong fan base, and many different romantic fan fictions on both and archive of our own.

There were several hints dropped, in the dialogue to show where the relationship was going to eventually end up, such as with this conversation between the two Clip from 5.04 posted by mskarinalouise


Also the writers had the pair connect romantically in season six, but both were under influence of red kryptonite Clip from 6.13 posted by mskarinalouise. The evolution of their relationship felt natural to me, moving from antagonistic acquaintances, to friends, to flirtatious friends, and then finally to a romantic pairing.

It wasn’t until season eight that Lois admitted that she had stronger feelings than friendship for Clark, in Committed Clip posted by psawyer0890, but it took until season ten for Clark to be able to say it back, Clip posted by Erika Spencer, in one of the sweetest scenes in the entire series.

My favourite fan videos to the pair

Video by hollywoodgirl2005; Big Big Bang by Rockmafia

Fantastic fan video by Tay LaneBloom

Video by SVClois

Video by MacGyver Kate

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