My OTP’s (in no particular order) number 8


Brittany Pearce and Santana Lopez


Heather Morris and Naya Rivera

I liked them even when they were just friends, who had sex, during the first season. There was something endearing and adorable in the fact that Santana, the ultra angry and verbally aggressive character, with rants which only came second to Sue for hilarity and vulgarity, was calm and kind to Brittany.

There was something about the writing, and maybe the fact that Rivera and Morris acknowledged that they were very close friends off screen, their adlibbing, and adding physical touches whenever the characters appeared, which made them one of the most likeable pairings, in the myriad of different pairings that the writers created over the show’s run.

One of the most memorable scenes of the second season was the one in which Santana finally acknowledges what had been building for many episodes, and the way that Rivera and Morris both played the scene was remarkable. I had felt sympathy and liking for Santana frequently, but never so much as when she finally lets her true feelings out. Santana tells Brittany that she loves her for the first time

It was adorable, and well within character that Santana would be the one to propose, and the way that she did was so sweet. I’m a fan of the way that the two of them sound singing together, and liked the mash up that preceded it too. Santana proposes to Brittany

There are so many more great moments that happen between the two of them, that I didn’t know how to begin to write about them all, but luckily I don’t have to. I found this Compilation video of the moments of their relationship made by crossingxlights

Fan videos of the pair

Video made by pandieex

Video made by pandieex


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