Stories of her life (number 14)


“I don’t really have one abiding memory of Ali. We have been friends for far too long, for me to be able to pick one moment out, as being more important than the others.” I shift my gaze, to where Ali sits on my left. She looks amazing, radiant in the white dress as she holds onto Theo’s hand, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile like that before. “She’s one of a kind that’s true. I’ve never been able to keep up with her appetites, both for booze and men!” the comment makes her blush, even as the guests laugh. “The summer that we graduated high school, Rosa, Hayley, Ali and I went on a road trip, that was supposed to cross seven states in seven days, well that was the plan. We never actually quite managed it, but she did get the numbers of seven guys from seven different states.” The laughter continues, as Theo smiles, rubbing her hand to ease her blushes. “But seriously, Ali’s been the best friend that I could ever wish for, and I’ve never seen her as happy as she is, when she’s with Theo. They really are the perfect couple, and I just hope that I find that with someone one day.” I can’t help but meet Fred’s eyes, as he sits a few feet away. He smiles softly and reassuringly “So please raise your glasses and toast Mr and Mrs Ross.”

All across the crowded room, people follow my lead, and chorus “To Mr and Mrs Ross,”

I sit down and Ali leans in to say softly. “Thanks Kim.” Her gaze ticks out to the guests, as she says, “I don’t think that you have to look for it, my guess is that you’ve already found it,” I don’t get a chance to respond, before their first dance as husband and wife is announced, and Theo leads her out onto the dancefloor. True to form though, Ali doesn’t relish the limelight for long, inviting all of her bridesmaids to join her within a minute.

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