My fave songs (in no particular order) number 55


Fast Car 

Tracy Chapman

‘And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone’

I like this song because of the narrative, behind the lyrics. I mean there’s a story inside the song, Chapman telling us about a girl looking after her dad after her mother leaves, that her dad’s a alcoholic, and the girl leaves school to get a job working in a supermarket. She falls into a relationship with someone who owns a fast car, and who makes her feel like she belongs, but they’re unable or unwilling to get a job.

I like the optimism and hope which runs through the song, it would have been easy for Chapman to make it rather downbeat, given the subject matter, but it seems as though the girl is still determined to get out, and hopeful that she will get that ‘house in the suburbs’.


Studio version posted on youtube

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