Stories of her life (number 11)

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It feels almost like deja vu as I pull up outside Trinity school, in search of another one of Alicia’s former colleagues. This time I’m looking for Sophia Leeds. When I phoned her, anxious to schedule a interview with her, given that she knew Alicia before they worked together, she said that she would be free only between twelve and one. It fit well, because I have time before going to see Oriana.

Alicia and Sophia attended WLVU together, and I know that there’s something that I’m missing, from those days. Sophia seems to have a similar quirky personality to Alicia, and is intriguing, if only because she’s been so difficult to pin down. She’s supposedly a English teacher, her professional life should not be this busy.

I want to know what Alicia was really like while in college. Striding up to the reception desk, I wait impatiently as the squeaky voiced woman manning it, finishes her phone call. I barely have to explain, besides giving her my name, before she’s off in search of Sophia.

Sophia arrives within minutes, and isn’t quite as intimidating as some of the other women that were in Alicia’s circle. She’s undoubtedly pretty, but more girl next door than Angelina Jolie style beauty. “Hi let’s talk in the break room,” she leads the way after a brief handshake.

The tale she told started out as a simple college party, but it was when she got to the part about ‘borrowing’ a ferrari from a friend, who had been out of town, that things started to get a little more interesting.

“I’m bored.” Ali announced, glancing around at the party goers closest to us. I sipped my drink, used to her being bored by now. She can’t sit still for more than twenty minutes. She disappeared for a few minutes, and then returned with a big smile on her face. “Let’s go,” 

“Go where? We’ve got no money and no transport,” I followed her all the same, as she headed towards Ken’s room, “He’s in San Francisco,” 

“I know but his car’s right outside,” she jimmied the lock, using a lock pick that I had no idea she had even possessed, and grabbed his car keys from the usual spot. “My friend Theo’s performing at the Sahara, in about a hour, and he’s really good.”

“Have you forgotten? We’ve been drinking for the last three hours!” I followed her outside, noticing that she was entirely too steady on her feet, considering that we had been doing shots for most of that.

“I’m as sober as a judge.” She opened Ken’s driver side door, and slid into the seat. “You comin’?” a twinkle in her eyes inspired me to get in. 


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