My Fave Reality TV Stars (in no particular order) number 4


Steph and Dom Parker


“Must remember that when I next go to the Co-op.” – Steph after watching the clip from the Full Monty when they’re in the job centre queue. 

These two are hilarious on Gogglebox, and that’s saying something, considering how many endearing, humorous and insightful people are on the show. I like them, not only because they obviously can seriously drink, but their relationship seems to be quite sweet underneath that. It’s endearing that they always seem to be holding hands while watching the programmes, well the one that’s not holding their drink obviously.

All I keep thinking, every time they appear, is that I really want to visit their B and B, just to see if they’re really like they appear to be on the show, well that and the rooms they’ve shown seem to be really nice.



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