Flash Fiction (number 14)


Anna Russell walked carefully down the corridor, every step jarring the base of her spine and sending waves of pain through her. She finally made it to her dressing room, shoving the door open and feeling a little relieved at the familiar surroundings.

She was just about to start changing into her costume, ready for the night’s performance when someone knocked on the door. Anna half turned but then felt her muscles knot and called out, “Come in!” forcing down the pain that she felt.

Therese Porter entered, already dressed in the green feathered costume for their first number “I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight.” Therese picked up the boa decorating one seat and sat down.

“Why? We’re on tonight right?” Anna returned to the task of getting dressed, biting her lip as the pain flared once again.

“The boss said that after this afternoon that your understudy would be taking your place,”

Anna flushed with anger. “No!!”

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