Flash fiction (number 11)


The black van rolls past the sign towards Brookville, and all four occupants feel a great sense of relief washing over them. The feeling is strongest for Eddie Lakewood, sitting in the driver’s seat. To him it almost feels like a homecoming, a feeling that he doesn’t fully understand as he wasn’t born here, and possesses no real biological ties in the area. He sees Harry Reeves smile in the rear mirror, as his phone beeps “Allie?” Leo Enfield asks, a smirk crossing his face.

Harry flushes but ignores him as he sends a text back. He finishes and then says, “Yep, she wants to know if we need feeding. She’s stocking up at the 7-Eleven.”

“Hell yeah. The feasts at Chez Swan are always awesome,” Leo rubs his belly, eyes lighting up at the prospect. “You said yeah right?”

Greg Wilson swats Leo on the back of the head, “Leo man, maybe Harry wants to be alone with his girl. I’m going to go and see Kelly anyway. It’s been a long three months.”

“You got that right.” Harry rubs his right hand, a nasty burn visible on the dark skin. “Apparently they’ve had their share of action. Allie said that there’s something big brewing in Europe. Dawn’s been…”

“What about her?” Eddie has been kinda tuning his friends out, his thoughts drifting but the mention of Allie’s elder sister Dawn makes him focus. “What happened to her?”

“She’s okay.” Harry swiftly reassures Eddie, “It’s just that she’s been travelling a lot under the cover of her job with Green Industries, and she took on a rougarou last week, to help out a old hunter in Milan.”

“What the hell is a rougarou?” Eddie tightens his hold on the steering wheel, his hands turning white, as he endeavours to master the fear that something might have happened to Dawn. She’s been his best friend since he was a small child, and the idea of losing her…

“Some wormy looking bastard, that feeds on human flesh. You know the Amour Federation takes on some crazy stuff.”

“She’s fine Eddie,” Harry can see the worry still dancing in Eddie’s eyes. “She’s at Allie’s place.” The van changes direction, as Eddie makes his way towards to West Village, instead of heading for his place in the Upper East Side. He just needs to know for himself that she really is okay.

When the four of them pull up outside Allie’s apartment building, Dawn’s standing outside. A broad smile lights up her face, as soon as she sees Eddie. She stows her phone back into her pocket, “I was just gonna phone you!” The van is barely parked before Eddie gets out, and he grabs hold of her, giving into the impulse. Dawn lets out a soft gasp of surprise as his arms close around her, but returns the hold.

“I missed you Dawn.” Eddie confesses against her thick chestnut ringlets.

Her eyes sparkle with concern at this uncharacteristic display “Are you okay?” she whispers into his ear. Her hand comes to rest over his heart, and she can feel the quickened beats. The heat of her hand sears through his shirt, and he knows that she’s checking in her own way for any injuries.

“I’m fine. I was worried about you.” He pulls back, so that he can look into her eyes “Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to Milan? Who was the hunter you were helping?”

“Ellie Alton, she’s been part of the family for years. Just as much as you are,”


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