Writing Exercise

Here are some more of the stories, that I came up with when doing the exercise about introducing characters

  1. “How can I stand here and not be moved by you?” the raspy voice on the radio strikes a chord with Charles Dove, as he watches Aella Love shift in her sleep, her thick dark curls spilling over the navy pillow case.

2. “Aunt Kitty!” Anna’s voice cut through the sound of Count Basie playing in the back room. Kitty lowered her paintbrush and turned to face the sixteen year old, her fingers stained with the same blue paint which speckled her face.

“Hey Anna!” her whole face lit up and she moved to give Anna a hug, before she realised that she was covered in paint. Kitty moved back towards the easel, setting the paintbrush down in the small resting tray.

3. The door swung open and Sara Locke walked through “Have you ever tried the cherry bakewell Muller Corner?” her chubby cheeks flushed when a gale of laughter exploded from Andy Sheffield, who was sitting a few feet away at his desk, and she looked straight at him for the first time.

4. The quartet caught David Cope’s eye the instant that he entered the drawing room, no actually that’s not quite accurate. The first thing that he saw was the deep forest green of Abigail Scott’s dress, the material swaying daringly as she danced, her cheeks flushed by the unfamiliar thrill of being so close to Phillip Tate: the butcher’s son.


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